Southwark Fathers Group

Southwark Fathers Group


This protocol summarises plans for a feasibility study of the Southwark Fathers Group intervention, which aims to support fathers of children with a social worker, encourage closer father-child relationships, and ultimately improve outcomes for children.

Who, what, why and how?

Although interventions exist to support co-parenting and the mother-child relationship, there is a limited evidence-base around the delivery of support services specifically for fathers. The Southwark Fathers Group is delivered by parenting practitioners in Southwark’s Family Early Help Service, aiming to create a space for male carers to connect with others and to learn about child development and parenting techniques, focusing on positive relationship management and conflict resolution.

The intervention consists of ten weekly sessions, which include peer-support and information aimed at improving fathers’ relationships with their children.

We have commissioned the Anna Freud Centre to conduct a feasibility study of the intervention, aiming to determine whether and how a full scale evaluation would be possible. The study will look exclusively at male carers of children aged 4 to 12 with a social worker in this local authority.

Research Questions

This feasibility study aims to determine the elements which are needed in order for a full-scale evaluation of the intervention to be feasible and conduct the preparatory steps necessary to pave the way for this. The overarching research questions are as follows:

  1. Is full-scale evaluation of the Fathers Group feasible with a high degree of rigour?
  2. What are the necessary processes for implementing the Fathers Group in children’s social care?

Delivery Partners

Southwark Council Family Early Help Service

Evaluation partners

Due Date

This project is due to be completed by February 2025.

Southwark Fathers Group Research Protocol


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