Changemakers: supporting local leaders to bridge the gap between evidence & practice 

Assistant Director of Local Development, Ben Lewing, introduces our new ‘Changemakers’ programme – in partnership with the Youth Endowment Fund – outlining how we will be working to close the stubborn gap between what we know works to support children and families and making this support available on the ground through local evidence leadership. It […]

Supporting Parenting

Children should benefit from supportive, compassionate parenting that sets them up for success

Why investing in parenting support is crucial to eradicating the disadvantage gap

Foundations Deputy Chief Executive Donna Molloy explains why investing in parenting support offers a way to eradicate the disadvantage gap and should be a focus for whichever party is next in government. As party conference season comes to an end, we’ve been thinking about the disadvantage gap – and what whichever party is in government […]

Foundations, the new national What Works Centre for Children & Families

Today is an exciting day: the day we launch as a fully merged, newly branded organisation – Foundations, the national What Works Centre for Children & Families. We’ve brought together two sister organisations with a shared aim, and today marks the start of a new vision, mission and strategy through which we will support vulnerable […]