What Works for Kinship Care and Special Guardianship Orders

What Works for Kinship Care and Special Guardianship Orders


This protocol summarises plans for evaluating the impact of local authority policies and interventions which identify and provide support to Kinship Foster Carers and Special Guardians.

Who, what, why and how?

Over two phases, we will gain a better understanding of the number of kinship placements, and the support available for kinship carers.

Phase one

Our previous analysis of kinship care found that there is substantial variation across local authorities in the use of kinship foster care placements and kinship Special Guardianship Orders (SGOs). We are conducting further research to understand which factors might correlate with a high share of kinship care placement in local authorities.

Phase two

Our aim is to identify policies and services which support kinship carers across all English local authorities. We will use a nationwide survey – sent to local authorities – which will map out the financial, legal and therapeutic support available for kinship carers in different types of arrangements. The survey will be followed up with interviews with professionals from local authorities to gain a better understanding of the interventions and strategies in place to support kinship carers.

By the end of phase two, we hope to have a better understanding of the variation in types and levels of support offered to different types of kinship care arrangements across England.



Due Date

This project is due to be completed by June 2024.

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