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We have five priority areas that make up 80 per cent of our work, leaving 20 per cent to be responsive to the changing policy environment. These areas were selected because they are areas where the problem is large-scale; there is policy interest; there is need for further evidence either to be generated and/or consistently used; and there is the best potential for achieving impact.

Domestic Abuse

Children deserve to life free from domestic abuse but we lack the evidence about how to protect children from this severe and widespread issue

Supporting Parenting

Children should benefit from supportive, compassionate parenting that sets them up for success

Strengthening family networks

We want to see children and young people supported by their family to develop and thrive, and to be safely in their homes with their families as much as possible

Relationships for care experienced children

The ‘cliff edge’ some children experience when leaving care can be isolating and lonely – we want to better understand how to support children in developing relationships that last when they leave care

Service and practice models

How services are organised can directly influence the children and families receiving those services and failures can have devasting consequences


Our latest findings, research and reports

Learning from peer support in reducing parental conflict

Lighthouse Parenting Programme

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