Domestic abuse

Children deserve to life free from domestic abuse but we lack the evidence about how to protect children from this severe and widespread issue

Over 827,000 children estimated to have experienced domestic abuse this year, with concerns of increase at Christmas underscoring urgent need for stronger support

18th December 2023 Staggering new figures reveal that at least 827,000 children in England and Wales may have suffered domestic abuse by the end of 2023, with incidences likely to rise over the Christmas holidays. With a lack of robust evidence about what works to prevent domestic abuse from happening and how best to support child victims, Foundations is calling for an […]

Improving outcomes for children experiencing domestic abuse at home

Today, we are taking the first step on our mission at Foundations to generate and champion actionable evidence to improve the quality and availability of domestic abuse services to support families and improve outcomes for children. We are launching a funding call for domestic abuse programmes. We are looking to fund the delivery and evaluation of up […]

Foundations, the new national What Works Centre for Children & Families

Today is an exciting day: the day we launch as a fully merged, newly branded organisation – Foundations, the national What Works Centre for Children & Families. We’ve brought together two sister organisations with a shared aim, and today marks the start of a new vision, mission and strategy through which we will support vulnerable […]